Here's what people just like you have said about Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions

Kerrie - Watch Kerrie's testimonial here - Link - (One minute video)

Here are some of the quotes in her own words
- When you do the coaching it helps you turn it more into a LIFESTYLE.
- If you're just needing that little bit more support, totally join the Health Journey Sessions
- The Coaching Sessions just give you that little bit more support, and help you achieve your end goal

Michelle - Watch Michelle's inspiring testimonial here - Link - (Less than 3 minutes).

Here are some great quotes in her own words
- I got lots of tips and strategies
- I really felt straight away that I felt confident, and wanted to get into this 'Let's Get Serious!'
- I came out of that Session feeling empowered!
- Knowing that you're not alone on this journey to become healthier
- When I joined the Sessions, instantly I felt connected to the people and felt relaxed 
- It was a safe environment to be in

- Has the Let's Get Serious! Program helped with your accountability?
      - Absolutely! - 100 per cent

Bec - Watch Bec's 2 minute video - Link

Here are some quotes below, in her own words...
- I've lost some weight, which is GREAT!
- It's a really great way to get support
- I think it has helped with my motivation
- It's about the Community support and normalizing the ups and downs of the journey
- It does feel like a very Safe Space
- You've got people having similar challenges, having some different challenges
- It's just keeping me on track I suppose, towards the goal
- I know that I can reach out and ask for strategies or support
- Getting new ideas and sharing how I've been going
- By the time it comes to that fortnightly Sunday, I'm really looking forward to touching base again

Jill - Watch Jill's 40 second video - Link

Here are some quotes below, in her own words...

- It will keep you accountable
- You will really thrive
- There's always someone to give advice
- Someone is there to listen to your concerns and help out
- It's a great group, you're meeting like minded people
- And I love it!
- I'll continue with them as it just keeps me on track
- It gets me focused again for the next two weeks

Steph - Watch Steph's 30 second video - Link

Here are some quotes below, in her own words...
- The benefits from when I started have been absolutely enormous
- Just meeting like minded people
- People who've been in a similar position to you
- The tips, the strategies. The support and sense of the Community
- I think people would just benefit from it, at whatever stage of the program they are actually in

Lindsay Adams OAM - Brisbane - Watch Lindsay's 40 second video below
He really motivates you to get things done.
I can't believe in the short time that my wife and I have been working with him the goals that we've kicked together.
If you're considering joining this program, jump in now. It is absolutely worth it.


What are Terry's Group Mentoring Sessions?

Terry's Group Mentoring Sessions are LIVE and conducted virtually over Zoom, so you'll be able to join the sessions via your Windows PC, Mac, phone, or tablet device (both Apple and Android), all from the comfort of your home.

Each Group Mentoring Session runs for one hour with a dynamic Session agenda that varies with you and your Group's needs.

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Note that Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions are not endorsed by or affiliated with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, but Terry will be referencing the Online plan and how it works.