Group Mentoring Sessions

Do you need MOTIVATION?

Do you need SUPPORT from like 
minded people along your Health Journey? 

Do you need to Kick Start and 
Re-Focus your mindset?

We all have struggles with different challenges along our Health Journey.

But you are not alone.

Whether you've just started your Health Journey, you're halfway along, or you have reached your goal and are now on maintenance, Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions will kickstart your mindset, re-motivate you, and help you SMASH YOUR GOALS from the comfort of your own home.

Health Journey’s Group Mentoring Sessions.

As your mentor, Terry will share the tips and strategies that he has used to successfully lose 100 kg in two years, and then maintain a healthy weight since June 2020.

Terry’s coaching and mentoring style is very different from a nutritionist, dietitian or personal trainer.

Terry’s life experience brings a totally different perspective to that of a dietitian with only clinical experience, or a personal trainer who has never lived with obesity for most of their life like Terry has.

Terry’s mentoring will help you unlock your potential, re-energize you, and lead you to success.

What are Terry's Group Mentoring Sessions?

Terry's Group Mentoring Sessions are LIVE and conducted virtually over Zoom, so you'll be able to join the sessions via your Windows PC, Mac, phone, or tablet device (both Apple and Android), all from the comfort of your home.

Weekly Support Sessions if you would like.
The Group Mentoring Sessions are now run weekly for those of us that prefer more face to face Community Support. The Session format will swap each week, with one week being a Topic based Session, and the next week being a full one hour Open Forum where you can discuss anything you would like.

Upcoming Group Mentoring Sessions

Sunday Group Sessions
12 May - Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with the scales
19 May - Open Forum
26 May - Nutrition - Fruits and Veges
02 June - Open Forum
09 June - Dealing Plateaus and Disappointment
16 June - Open Forum
23 June - Improving and Changing Your Mindset - Part 1
30 June - Open Forum
07 July - Setting and Achieving your Health Journey Goals
14 July - Open Forum
21 July - General Nutrition, Meal Planning and Meal Prep
28 July - Open Forum

Monday Group Sessions
06 May - Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with the scales
13 May - Open Forum
20 May - Nutrition - Fruits and Veges
27 May - Open Forum
03 June - Dealing Plateaus and Disappointment
10 June - Open Forum
17 June - Improving and Changing Your Mindset - Part 1
24 June - Open Forum
01 July - Setting and Achieving your Health Journey Goals
08 July - Open Forum
15 July - General Nutrition, Meal Planning and Meal Prep
22 July - Open Forum

Session length and formats
All Group Mentoring Session run for one hour.

Sessions with a one hour Open Forum.
Open Forum Sessions really give you the chance to engage more with your group and get that extra support that we all sometimes need.
Put simply, each of you gets the opportunity to seek support where you need it.
You’ll get support and strategies from all the other members of your Group on whatever you need support with, including
  • What challenges you currently struggle with. 
  • What challenges you will be facing in the future.
  • How to balance your food units to ensure you get the right nutrition
  • Strategies to change your mindset and stay motivated
  • And anything else you want to discuss
Sessions with a Session Topic
Session topic nights have a dynamic Session agenda that varies with you and your Group's needs. We have a nightly topic for the first half hour, and the second half hour is an Open Forum for everyone to discuss their Challenges, Successes, General Questions or anything else they wish to discuss.

Session Topics
  • 01. Improving and changing your mindset - Part 1
  • 02. Setting and achieving your Health Journey goals
  • 03. General Nutrition, Meal Planning and Meal Prep
  • 04. Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with food
  • 05. Nutrition - Protein and Bread Units
  • 06. Getting back on track after a setback
  • 07. Improving and changing your mindset - Part 2
  • 08. Exercise, Health and Fitness
  • 09. Nutrition - Dairy, Healthy Oils and Indulgences
  • 10. Building and maintaining a healthy relationship with the scales
  • 11. Nutrition - Nutrition - Fruits and Veges
  • 12. Dealing With Plateaus and Disappointment
The small group format allows a more personal focus, while still maintaining the group support aspect. The regular meetings help participants focus on their goals and keep ‘on track’ to success.

You will of course have plenty of opportunities for mentorship and guidance from Terry as he leads the Sessions and is available at all times to answer questions.

How are Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions different to a meal plan?
Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions do not provide any meal plans.
That is left to the professionals at the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. Terry is proof that they work!

What's unique about Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions?
Quite simply, what's so special about these Sessions is Terry's Health Journey!

Terry has been through a lot, including weight loss, and then weight gain, depression, high blood pressure and he was pre-diabetic.

In 2001 he weighed 143.7 kg and lost 54 kg in 60 weeks on the old Weight Watchers plan and was even named the 2002 Male Weight Watcher of the year. But over the next few years he suffered depression after the birth of his first son and he went back to his old habits.
Over the next 16 years, Terry gained all the weight back plus ANOTHER 40 odd kilos on top.

Terry ballooned from under 90 kg in 2002 to max out at 185.5 kg in 2018. 
He was so big, air travel was a nightmare.
He struggled to fit into the seats and was constantly embarrassed asking for an extension belt.

Terry was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and knew he was killing himself.
Terry joined the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and turned his life around, losing 100 kilograms in two years and has maintained a healthy weight since June 2020.

Time to CELEBRATE !!!
Terry celebrated his two year maintenance milestone in 2022 with a tandem parachute jump from 15,000 feet. Something that was previously impossible to do at his old weight and was a dream come true.

Taking motivation to the Next Level
Terry has now taken his passion for inspiring and motivating others to the Next Level with the recent launch of his Group Mentoring Sessions. 

These online Zoom sessions will enable you to learn the key strategies that enabled Terry to lose 100 kg in two years and maintain for over three years!

Benefits of the Group Mentor Sessions include

  • Regular Group Sessions are limited in size to ensure you receive the support you need
  • Smaller groups allow more time to focus on your individual needs
  • Two agenda formats, one week focuses on a topic and the next is an Open Forum
  • Dynamic Session agenda driven by the Group's needs at the time
  • We all work together as a Community to help each other
  • Leverage other participant's experience and knowledge to help each other
  • Access to a recording of your session that you can download and keep for later reference
  • Exclusive membership to Terry’s private Facebook Group which is only for members of the Mentoring Sessions
You Sessions provide the strategies, support and motivation to help you succeed in the following
  • Weight loss success!
  • Improving and changing your mindset
  • Motivation and staying motivated
  • Meal prep strategies
  • Setting and achieving your goals
  • Understanding nutrition and food groups
  • Controlling Self Sabotage
  • Getting back on track after a setback
  • Conquering unhealthy habits
  • Making healthy choices
  • Maintenance success
  • Dealing with plateaus
  • Dealing with disappointment
  • Exercising with limited mobility
  • How to stay focused when you have a lot of weight to lose
  • Plus anything else you need strategies and support for

Next level Community Support -
All members of the Group Mentoring Sessions also receive exclusive membership to Terry’s private Facebook Group.
This exclusive Facebook Group is only for members of the Group Mentoring Sessions, and will provide ongoing support from Terry and the other members of the Mentoring Sessions.
You’ll be able to continue receiving and providing support, to and from the other members of our Mentoring Group Community.
The Facebook Group will be open for our Mentoring Group Community to ask questions, start discussions, and provide support whenever anyone needs.
We want you to be active in the group…
The more we interact, the more EVERYONE will benefit from our community support.

Partners / family members can join your Session for free – 
To ensure you have the support at home, we encourage you to have your significant other / partner / family member join the session on the same camera.
So feel free to sit with this special person together and share the camera and the experience of our Sessions.

Group Mentor Sessions are definitely affordable

With mentoring services at just $33 a fortnight (that’s less than the price of a gym membership), coaching is definitely affordable for people who want to succeed, whatever their budget may be.

The Group Mentoring Session are available for $200 for 12 weeks -
This includes six Topic Sessions and six Open Forum Sessions lasting one hour each (works out to $33 a fortnight).

First Session Free!

When you sign-up for the Group Mentor Sessions, Terry will even throw in your FIRST SESSION FREE !

That’s right, enquire below, sign up and pay for the sessions, and your first session is free.


Money Back Guarantee.

And if after your first free session, you decide it’s not for you… Terry will refund your money!

That’s right, Terry is so confident that the Group Sessions will help you achieve your goals, if you’re not happy, he’ll refund your payment!

Let's Get Serious! Program. - *New*

Terry's new program, Let's Get Serious!, is a core part of the Group Mentoring Sessions, and will help you get that FIRE back that you had when you started your Health Journey.
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But just don't take our word for it, watch these video testimonials on the benefits of the Group Mentoring Sessions.


Note that Health Journey's Group Mentoring Sessions are not endorsed by or affiliated with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, but Terry will be referencing the Online plan and how it works.